Secure internet access

Speed, security and blocking bypass — are our three main criteria.

  • Ease of use

    Open source software and availability on all popular platforms

  • Speed

    The access speed to our servers can reach 1GBit/s

  • Stability

    Every day we improve our servers to improve the quality of services

  • Support

    We are ready to help you set up any equipment for free.

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  • Priсe

    Free three day test and access from 4$

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We use the most advanced technologies for working with Internet traffic. The main task is not only to securely encrypt traffic, but also to disguise it as normal web traffic using an SSL connection. As a result, DPI tracking systems (Deep Packet Inspection) cannot successfully determine the ownership of encrypted traffic.

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Premium server

We provide a premium server for broadcasting on YouTube, Instagram, webinars and other online conferences. Premium servers are located as close as possible to you and have the lowest delay (ping) due to which any freezes are excluded.

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  • VPN-M For everyone

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  • Price

    We have the most affordable prices, a variety of tariffs, unique offers and promotions. As well as free demo access.

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  • Requirements

    Before ordering, read the terms and conditions, as well as familiarize yourself with the software for your operating system.

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  • Personal approach

    Personal approach to each client. Are you a media person, a blogger, or a popular channel? Let's collaborate!

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  • Test access

    Try test access. We are sure you will be satisfied, because we have spent quite a bit of time testing our service in different cities.

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